We are keen to work with creative personalities from all over the globe and make them feel comfortable in our country. Thanks to our hands-on philosophy we are able to handle projects with excellent care, while remaining budget-friendly to our clients. 


The company's focus lies in the field of international service and coproductions for feature films. element film is based in Berlin, Germany’s avant-garde and artistic heart. The city has a wide selection of international experienced shooting crews, standards are comparable with the main film hubs in the world. Our service covers the entire German territory and if needed the European continent.


Experienced crews, wonderful locations, plug and play service, stable financial aid, friendly and efficient working environment are our main assets.



Germany offers stable and finacial aid, with the right setup this outcome can be maximized. The Federal Rebatte of 20% on all german eligable production costs, combined with conditional repayable loans of regional funding bodies can be a basis for a stable, reliable financing strategy for your movie. We offer an inside view on guidelines, regulations and interpretations, as well as an introduction to local funding personalities with an expierenced view on interpretations and formalities.


We are happy to provide an overview of the formalities and different schemes available.



We are happy to provide first contact script budget- and scheduling, location scouting and individual concepts for additional fundraising through German film funds. 


Depending on your requirements we can support you with a first location pitch package, shooting schedules and budgets reflecting your spent obligations.

Who we are:
Philipp Klausing

Philipp was always passionate about movies and developed a strong connection to American movies in particular. His credits include MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3, BOURNE ULTIMATUM, THE INTERNATIONAL, INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, UNKNOWN, HANNA and THE BOOK THIEF.


In 2010, Philipp founded Element Film, an independent production company keen to develop and produce genre movies, independent and special feature films. Serving as a platform for international talents and creatives, its goal is to provide a fruitful environment to unleash creativity and to cultivate talent.


Knowing his strength, Philipp tries to focus element film on international coproduction services in Germany, using his expierience in this field, to facilitate complex and challenging productions.


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